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Completed Project: Home Drama [ホームドラマ!] | TBS, Spring 2004 | Episodes 01-11 & Extras | Release: Episodes 09/03/2008 - 18/01/2009 & Extras 08/02/2009


sekiei & tiltawhirlgirl make up the team of treasure hunters going deep into the sea. They have encountered swarms of fish, dumbo octopi, manta rays, a pair of sparkly stockings and the floorplan of a Finnish supermarket. Their aim is to locate and study items from the Dōmoto Tsuyoshi, an amphibious spaceship named after the captain's favourite actor, musician, idol and Hairstyle Challenger. Their wish is to share said items with the rest of the English-speaking world.

All releases can be found here and at D-addicts. To access entries, please join the community and be responsible for yourself. No scuba license needed. Dramas may also be found at jdramas.

Please send all enquiries and/or comments to sekiei @inbox.com or use the community to contact the maintainers.

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