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Rapidshare links

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay. My plan to put the links on Wupload went South when they stopped sharing files. I ended up putting the whole drama on Rapidshare. I've got an account so they should stay up and running.
I've uploaded whole episodes for now, if you need smaller parts let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Episode 1 - Whole episode
Episode 2 - Whole episode
Episode 3 - Whole episode
Episode 4 - Whole episode
Episode 5 - Whole episode
Episode 6 - Whole episode
Episode 7 - Whole episode
Episode 8 - Whole episode
Episode 9 - Whole episode
Episode 10 - Whole episode
Episode 11 - Whole episode
Bonus (making of and interviews) - Whole video


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Alternative links

Hi guys,

Some of you have asked for alternative links since MU is down. I'm working on putting all the files on Wupload but it might take me a week or two. I don't have a great connection at the minute and even less free time but I'll get there.
I'll seed the torrent on D-addicts as well as much as I can starting this week-end. If you're just missing an episode or two, check the Adrive links ; they are working for the last half of the drama I think.

That's it for now! ^ ^
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Still alive! ^___^

Hello everybody,

No, no release today. Sorry about that.
Quite a lot of people have started to wonder if we had disappeared from the surface of the Earth, and so I am just posting to keep  you updated. 

First thing; No, we're not abandoning the subbing of Home Drama. No way. ^ ^
But because of changes in our personal and professional lives recently, we had to put the editing of the next few episodes on a hiatus for quite some time as I'm sure you would have noticed.

But the next episodes will arrive. Our goal is to be done with the drama by the end of the year. Sorry for the wait, we're trying to give you all the best subs we can and that means a lot of work for us. We do enjoy it but we're both busy people and not always as free as we would like and that explains the current delay.

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon for the next release!
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Hello and welcome !

As you know or have probably guessed since you've ended up on this page, we are dedicating our time to subbing Home Drama!

More about us - brilliantly summarized by tiltdown   - can be found in our profile.

So join us if you're interested in the drama, the release of the episodes and updates about our work and our future projects by clicking: Here!

Of course, any feedback is very welcomed... ^____^